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General update

2010-10-02 08:10:13 by PrivateJoker152

I know that most people don't know me and even more people just don't care, but I have few things to say, so I'll use this little corner of newgrounds to say it.

Normally I should release new animation on newgrounds 3 days ago, but problem is that it is another music video and it is dangerously out of sync (animation is too complicated) so I released it only on youtube because I was able to export it exactly as I wanted. If I would make animation + music synchronized it would result in that classical cracking noise which is caused by setting music on stream.

But because I don't want to take this away from my newground audience, I decided to post at least youtube video here!

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Well, enjoy guys :)


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2011-05-24 09:39:18

Sorry i didn`t review your work dude, i`m banned from reviewing. The 'Why the world didn`t end' was INGENIOUS!!!!!! Made me lol so hard! Mostly because it is true actually! Trust me man, that deserved all 3 awards: Request Review Club`s Pick, Daily AND Weekly First Prize!!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWO AWESOMENESS TIMES 9000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000!


2011-07-04 17:55:08

i heard you talkin to ghost the other week, nice to see someone finally points out hes failing at cannibal trolling.